Coil Tubing

CWC's coil tubing units are a quick and cost effective piece of equipment that can be used for various applications including cleanouts, acidizing/stimulating, tool fishing and setting and retrieving plugs. The advantages of CWC's coil tubing units are the speed of getting into and out of the well and its ability to work on a producing well while it is still under pressure. CWC's continuous string of tubing ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 metres, have coil diameters of 1¼ to 2 inches.

CWC's fleet is comprised of 10 coil tubing units:

  • 4 Class 1 units (1¼" to 1½" to 1,500 metres)
  • 5 Class 2 units (1¼" to 1¾" to 3,200 metres)
  • 1 Class 3 units (2" to 4,000 metres)


Coil Tubing Unit - Class I
Coil Tubing Unit - Class II
Coil Tubing Unit - Class III
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